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Specialists in cellular technologies for the vehicle industry.

1X - Ballistic Mobile Pty Ltd has specialised in mobile technologies for the vehicle industry for over 20 years, both as an importer and manufacturer of product here in Australia. Our goal is to provide product that provides both form and functionality to the user, simply put, we understand the requirements of our users and have ensured that our products meet their expectations. Our products exhibit elegant and functional design, phones featuring over-sized keypads, large screens displaying large text and most importantly, crystal clear loud audio suitable for the loud working environment.

GPS tracking with VOYAGER

Did you know that you can track and follow your Voyager truck phone via the use of many available apps, here’s a couple just for starters.

GPS Tracking TF100

Available from specialist communication dealers around Australia, need help finding one.

03 9376 3000

Voyager TF100 TF100


VOYAGER is the world’s first integrated and dedicated 3G smartphone for personal and commercial vehicles, vans, trucks and fleets. Offering a wide range of intelligent features, VOYAGER provides crystal-clear in-vehicle voice calls and a wide variety of Android-based automotive applications and multi-media contents to keep drivers connected and able to navigate to their destination easily and efficiently.


Two phones, one phone number.

Two phones, one phone number.